Volcano Tester

Automate Your Device & Network Testing

Reliable, fast and scalable testing—using minimal resources

Volcano is a network performance measurement platform that allows for centralized, scripted control over a fleet of devices—resulting in a true simulation of the user experience. Get test results faster, more accurately and with fewer resources using Volcano.

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Test Execution
Test the New with the Existing

New services, including 5G- and IoT-based solutions, require robust performance testing to also ensure that primary offerings don’t break. Volcano can quickly and easily simulate your new normal traffic patterns and identify potential risks.

Device Testing
Scale for New Devices

Millions of new devices will access your network. Volcano provides the toolset you’ll need to characterize, accept and integrate those devices quickly and scale effectively.

Load Testing
Handle Network Load

Unprecedented and accelerating use of streaming videos, location-based services and apps will continue to stretch the limits of your network. Volcano will enable you to repeatably simulate large network loads.

Commission & Integration
Support for Your Ever-Expanding Network

Volcano can support the commission and integration of new sites. The app enables your C&I team to execute testing without the need for a validation or drive-test team—and collected data can be remotely accessed by the network operations team.

Commission & Integration
Customize the Solution

Volcano can quickly and easily be customized to meet the unique needs of a new initiative, replace legacy tools or help streamline your current processes. Your engineers will always have direct access to our engineers to ensure your business needs are met.

Many Use Cases

Volcano can do it all, from load testing of networks and applications (including voice, data and messaging services) to automated drive testing for field validation of newly commissioned or upgraded sites.

How Volcano Works

The Volcano platform allows you to quickly adapt any device in the field to become a test unit, working with both commercial and custom terminals to execute test campaigns and scripts that have been developed from a central controller. The controller sends the message to a relay server which in turn sends the test instructions to the terminals and collects back the results once the tests are completed.

How Volcano Works
How Volcano Works
1. CALDERA: The Central Controller & Remote Node Status

Caldera is a controller that commands and orchestrates the Remote Nodes. It creates network traffic using a powerful and easy-to-use scripting engine, and can generate traffic sessions for Ping, Web Browsing, FTP, HTTP, iPerf, Voice and SMS. Caldera provides real-time status of the Remote Nodes, including a detailed traffic timeline, location information, radio cell information/metrics and more. It renders a running view of all tests being performed by each attached node in real-time.

2. DOME: Server & Relay

Dome is the server and relay that moves information and commands back and forth between the Caldera and the Remote Nodes. It securely retains all logs in its database and easily scales to handle large volumes of traffic.

3. GEYSER: Remote Nodes

Geyser accepts commands from the Caldera Controller relayed from the Dome Server Relay. Remote Nodes are determined based on device platform.


Android™—The Remote Node can be downloaded and launched within minutes. It can execute many typical end-user activities such as HTTP traffic tests, web browsing, SMS and voice calls. It also supports network test tools like iPERF and enables off-the-shelf commercial-grade hardware to be remotely managed—delivering critical real-time network information that would otherwise be very costly to collect.

AppleiOS™—The iOS version of the Remote Node supports many of the Android features.


Windows™—The Windows version of the Remote Node can be used to command and control specialized modem types via AT commands or IP connectivity.

IoTIoT—The embedded software version of the Remote Node supports command and control over IoT devices.

Volcano Saves Time & Money—While Improving Accuracy

Compared to legacy processes, Volcano does more with less—faster. No need to deploy fleets of test vans or wait weeks to compile results.

Volcano vs. Legacy
Volcano vs. Legacy
Volcano KPI & Measurements

These are just a small subset of the items that Volcano can track:

LTE: asuLevel, ci, cqi, dBm, earfcn, level, mcc, mnc, pci, RSSNR, RSRP, RSRQ, tac, timingAdvance

UMTS: CID, LAC, MCC, MNC, PSC, UARFCN, ASU, Serving dBm, Level

CDMA/EVDO: asuLevel, basestationId, cdmaDbm, cdmaEcio, cdmaLevel, dBm, evdoDbm, evdoEcio, evdoLevel, evdoSnr, latitude3gpp2, level, longitude3gpp2, networkId, systemId

GSM: ASU, DBM, Level, Timing Advance, ARFCN, BSIC, LAC,CID, MCC, MNC

SMS: generated count, errors, received count, delivery time

Web Browsing: destination page, page load time

Location: UE physical location

Voice Call Statistics: voice call generated count, voice call received count, call setup time, total call time, call drop rate derived: call completion percentage, call error percentage, setup to call time (given call length)

Data/IP: throughput (iPERF UDP/TCP, HTTP), jitter, DNS lookup time, header transfer time, body transfer time, 0 byte transfer seconds, resolved IP addresses

Device Info: MEID, IMEI, SERIAL #, device items including codename, incremental, release, SDK, serial #, SIM carrier ID, SIM carrier ID name, SIM country ISO, SIM operator, SIM operator name, Bootloader, brand, device, display, fingerprint, hardware, host, manufacturer, model, product, radio, tags, time, type, user

Developed by Test Engineers, For Test Engineers

Volcano grew organically from our experiences spent working in the field. Our team has developed and fine-tuned tools over the past decade to remain on the technological edge of accepting new products and features into telecommunications and satellite networks. Volcano fills the gaps left by commercial test solutions and innovates beyond those of niche players.

Our team has worked at and with top wireless communications providers. From strategy to software development to test execution, we understand how networks work—and what it takes to keep them running. We have managed and executed the entire lifecycle management for customers, from concept to acceptance to care, for:

  • user equipment (UE)
  • radio access network (RAN)
  • core network
  • feature integration (including PTT and encryption)

We have worked on unique programs and projects for custom one-off technologies as well as highly standards-driven solutions. Our technical capabilities are only surpassed by our commitment to customer service.


Our proven technology has helped leading wireless companies and international governments by accelerating testing to get their products to market more quickly, and with greater confidence in how their solutions will perform. Our clients include:

  • Sprint
  • A large communications company
  • Mexsat (operated by the government of Mexico)
  • A broadband services provider
Why DCmobility?

We’ve ridden in your test vans. Every member of our team hails from top wireless communications providers and is recognized as a leader in their field. From strategy to software development to test execution, we understand how networks work—and how business gets done. Our technical capabilities are only surpassed by our commitment to customer service. We are small and agile, capable of fine-tuning a release or developing a critical feature.

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