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Sprint Benchmarks New 5G Network Using Innovative Application-Layer Throughput Tool, Volcano

VIENNA, VA, June 13, 2019 —DCmobility announced today the mass launch of its cutting-edge network and device-testing solution, Volcano, with the release of the tool for U.S. Tier-1 carrier, Sprint.

Volcano is a network- and device-performance measurement platform that allows for centralized, scripted control over a fleet of devices—resulting in a true simulation of the user experience, as all tests are run at the application layer. Volcano enables carriers to leverage devices already deployed in the field to test network performance quickly, accurately and using fewer resources.

“We’ve ridden in our customers’ test vans,” says Kamlesh Lele, DCmobility CEO and Partner, “so our team is acutely aware of the challenges our customers face.” Those challenges include cost- and labor-intensive systems that affect products’ time-to-market and the end-user experience. “New technology platforms, including 5G- and IoT-based solutions, require robust testing to ensure optimal performance,” continues Lele. “Volcano simulates normal traffic patterns using off-the-shelf terminals, rather than PCs and logging software, and identifies potential risks—enabling companies to get their products to market quickly and more reliably.”

Created by a team of seasoned telecom veterans and developers, Volcano delivers testing via the application layer, enabling carriers and service providers like Sprint to scale without compromising quality. With Volcano, carriers can set up and deploy large fleets of devices quickly and easily without engaging costly tools and expensive resources.

“This solution has been in the making for decades,” says Nate Klonoski, DCmobility Vice President of Software and Partner. “As field testers responsible for launching hundreds of devices and services over the years, we were constantly looking for new ways to automate the process. Volcano was born out of a conviction that it could be done faster, better and more cost-effectively than what was available in the industry.”

First launched in 2014 for the government of Mexico, Volcano was trialed by Sprint prior to today’s widescale launch, and is currently in negotiations with another major telecommunications provider for licensing.



Kamlesh Lele, Chief Executive Officer, DCmobility
+1 703-932-3843

About Volcano

Volcano is a network performance measurement platform that allows for centralized, scripted control over a fleet of devices—resulting in a true simulation of the user experience. It enables providers to test the new with the existing, including new services such as 5G- and IoT-based solutions. Customizable to meet the needs of many use cases, Volcano provides the flexibility, scale, speed and operational efficiencies that companies need to compete in today’s marketplace. For more information, visit Volcanotester.com.

About DCmobility

DCmobility is a specialized professional services firm with a depth of strategic, analytical and technical expertise in wireless communications. With over 20 years of industry experience, the company’s team of experts are skilled in the development and deployment of wireless communication services, networks and products for business and government. For more information, visit DCmobility.com.


The Volcano logo is a registered trademark of DCmobility Holdings LLC. Volcano holds a U.S. patent, number 10285084, for Apparatus, System and Method for Testing of Communication Networks.


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