Helping telecom carriers and government agencies get more out of their networks.

DCmobility Holdings LLC focuses on service and innovation in the wireless and satellite industries. To that end, we founded two companies within the past ten years that have quickly established track records in delivering excellence and ROI to our customers.

Our Companies

Mobile Frontiers

Development and deployment of wireless communication services, networks, products and custom software for the commercial and government sectors.

Mobile Frontiers’ extensive team of seasoned engineers and software developers can offer key insights to organizations focused on next-generation communication systems development.

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A network performance measurement platform that allows for centralized, scripted control over a fleet of devices—resulting in a true simulation of the user experience.

VolcanoTester automates network and device testing, enabling customers to get test results faster, more accurately and with fewer resources.

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DCmobility Holding’s co-founders are seasoned wireless communications veterans, each with over 20 years of industry experience. They have assembled diverse teams of experts in their respective fields, from test engineers to software developers to project managers and more. DCmobility Holding’s reputation as a trusted partner and its commitment to customer service has resulted in strong, long-term relationships with its customers.

Kam Lele - CEO

Kam Lele


Arsalan Mehmood - Vice President of Engineering

Arsalan Mehmood

Vice President of Engineering

Nate Klonoski - Vice President of Software

Nate Klonoski

Vice President of Software